The Ottawa & Area German Shepherd Dog Club



Membership - Frequently Asked Questions

The objective of the club is the advancement of the interests of the purebred German Shepherd Dog.  Therefore, only registered purebred German Shepherd Dogs may represent the club at any public or club event.


  • Do I have to own a German Shepherd Dog to be a member of the club?
    NO   -  If you have an interest in the breed you are welcome to join.

  • Can I own a non registered dog to be a member of the club?
    YES – you can join the club no matter what breed or non registered dog you own.

  • Can I participate in any club event with my non-registered or non German Shepherd dog?
    NO – Club events, whether public or private, are for registered purebred German Shepherd Dogs.

  • What do you mean by “registered purebred” German Shepherd?
    Any German Shepherd with a 3 generation pedigree from the Canadian Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, or any other FCI recognized kennel club or the Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde (SV) of Germany.

  • Do I have to participate in club events?
    Participation is NOT mandatory – just strongly encouraged!

  • Do I have to help out at any club event?
    All club events are held with the sole help of volunteers – we strongly encourage you to volunteer and be active in your club!

  • What if my GSD is just a pet?
    The club offers activities for pet owners as well as serious competitors, breeders and everyone in-between!

  • What types of thing does the club do?The OAGSDC offers weekly winter socialization sessions that include obedience drills and conformation practice.  The Club puts on yearly conformation Specialty Shows.  Also the Club holds Obedience Trials, ‘Fun Days’, Herding Instinct Tests, dog walks and other various activities.